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Test Automation Process

Test Automation Process

#1 Test Automation - Plan

This is the first step in the test automation process. The major action item here is to create a plan that specifies Purpose, Scope, Strategies, Major Requirements, Schedule, Budget.


#2 Test Automation - Design and Development

The major action item here is to create a detailed automation solution. This will address the major objectives and meet all the automation requirements. This is more of a detailed breakup address majority of the automation plan items.
In the development phase the various test automation framework and scripts are developed.


#3 Test Automation Tool - Preparation

The major action item here is evaluate the various automation tools and decide a on a tool to be used for the project. This is more of a feasibility study. In this stage an in-house tool can also be developed (if feasible). Once the tool is decided upon, the tool is deployed with the various required configuration required for the project.


#4 Test Automation solution - Deployment

Once the tool and the scripts are ready, they are integrated together and deployed on the test environment.


#5 Test Automation - Review

The working of the automation solution is reviewed and to identify issues and limitations and provide feedback. This will help to further enhance the solution.

Switching from Manual Testing Process to Automated Testing Process

Manual Test Process

  1. Perform user actions.
  2. Wait for processes to complete.
  3. Verify AUT(Application under Test) functions as expected.
  4. Repeat steps until all applications are verified compliant
  5. Go back to step one.

Automated Test Process

  1. Generate automated script.
  2. Synchronize script playback to application performance.
  3. Add verification.
  4. Run test or suite of tests.
  5. Go back to step four.