QTP Certification Help

QTP Tutorial

Automation Testing process in QTP

  • Creating Tests
  • Running Tests
  • Analyzing results

Process in Creating Tests

  • Record a session/test case on the application or site
  • Insert checkpoints into the tests.
  • Parametrize the tests
  • Creating output values

Process in Running Tests

  • Run test to check the application or site
  • Run test to debug the test (Step into, Step over and Step Out)

Process in Analyzing reports

  • View the results in test results window
  • Report defects detected during the test run

Add-in's supported

Initial license manager pop-up - QTP Add-in manager

Activex, Delphi, Java, .NET web forms, .Net windows form, Windows Presentation founder, Oracle, People soft, PowerBuilder, SAP web, SAP GUI, Siebel, Standard windows, Stingray, Terminal Emulators (TE), Visual Basic, VisualAge smalltalk, Web, Web services

QTP 2 types of licenses

  • Seat License or Node Locked License
  • Concurrent License or Float License

QTP Menu Components

Menu Item Description
Test pane Keyword View tab - Test in Icon based GUI format.
Expert View tab - Test in VB script format.
Active Screen View >active screen (for launching and closing)
Configuring Active Screen:
view>options>active screen tab>increase /Decrease capture level, apply and okay.
Data Table View > Data Table (for launching and closing)
  Data driven Testing
Testing the same task(S) or same operation with multiple sets of test data.

It can be used in two ways.

1. Enter test data directly into Data Table and use.

2. Importing data from external files (Flat files, excel sheets, etc) and Data bases (MS access, Sql Server, oracle, etc.)

  It has two types of sheets.

1). Global Sheet- for entire Test /used for all actions in the Test.
2). Action Sheets- for specific Action only.

  Data table available in 2 ways:

1). Design time data table. (Attached with every test)
2). Run time data table. (Available in result window)

Debug Viewer We use Step into, Step over and Step out commands for debugging.
View >debug viewer (for launching and closing)
Missing Resources It can be used for showing missing resources that attached to current test such as (Recovery Scenarios, Library files etc).
View menu >missing resources (for launching and closing)
Information This pane shows syntax errors automatically during saving the test.
View > information
QTP Commands QTP Commands are available in 3 ways.

1). Menu options
2). Tool Bar options
3). Short cut keys (for Some important operations only)

QTP Tool Window Menus File Menu
Edit Menu
View Menu
Insert Menu
Automation Menu
Resources Menu
Debug Menu
Tools Menu
Window Menu
Help Menu
File Menu Through file menu user can create, save tests, open existing tests, export tests in zip format.
Edit Menu It provides editing options and renaming, deleting and splitting actions.
View menu Through this menu we can launch and close, active screen, Data Table, Debug viewer, information, missing resources etc.
Insert Menu Through this menu user can inserting check points, output values, synchronizing points.
Automation Menu This menu provides Record, Run options and Run setting options
Resources Menu This menu provides object repository and recovery scenarios options.
Debug Menu This menu provides debug commands for step by step execution. We can insert/remove/break points.
Tools Menu This menu provides Tools settings option, view options and object identification configuration.
Window Menu This menu provides QTP tool window style settings.
Help Menu This menu provides QTP help as well as VB Script help.
Product Enhancements in QTP 11 QTP 11 now includes the following enhancements:

* New Object Spy Functionality
* Compare, Merge, and Export Object Repositories with Checkpoints and Output Values
* Add Images to Your Run Results
* New Dual Monitor Support
* New Web Test Object Operations
* New WpfTable Test Object
* Hide the Keyword View
* Enable Running QTP Tests on Minimized RDP Session Windows
* See Version Control Status of Tests, Components, and Function Libraries at a Glance
* Business Process Testing Enhancements
* Web Add-in Extensibility Enhancements
* Get Critical Updates Using the New HP Update Tool
* Extended Trial Period for QuickTest Seat License
* Updated QuickTest Asset Upgrade Tool for HP ALM and Quality Center

QTP 9.0 PDF Files

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