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HP Functional Testing QTP Certification

This exam is intended for functional testers who will create and develop automated test scripts using the HP Functional Testing or Quick Test Professional software for functional testing.

This certification proves that you have good technical knowledge of how to use the HP Functional Testing software in order to deliver high quality business applications.

The ideal candidate is a Tester, Automation Engineer, Service Specialist or other technical professional who will implement test automation by creating, enhancing and running tests and analyzing run results with HP Functional Testing 11.x. It is assumed this person will work in a quality assurance (QA) team under the supervision of a senior consultant.

Applications are the lifeblood of almost every organization. Nowadays, applications have to be developed and brought to market quickly in order to support rapid changes in business needs. Despite the urgency to put these applications into production quickly, it’s still critical to test and evaluate the applications to make sure they are working as expected. With HP Functional Testing, you can automate functional and regression testing for every modern software application and environment, extend testing to a wider range of teams, and accelerate the testing process—so you can improve application quality and still make your market window.

The different HP Functional Testing / Quick Test Professional (QTP) certifications are as below,

Reference: http://www.hp.com/certification/documents/cert-ds/HP_AIS_Functional_Testing_v11.pdf