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Manual Software Testing Tutorial

Includes topics related to the General Testing Terms, the different Type of Testing, the Test Life Cycle and  Testing models, the Bug Life Cycle, the various Test Design Techniques and the software Testing Process.

Software Test Management

Includes tutorials on Software test estimation, Testing Metrics, the various software testing metrics, the effect of CAPA in software testing and the various verticals in Software Testing.


Some of the areas covered under Software Test Automation include Automation Process, Automation Framework, QTP Tutorial and QTP Certification questions.

Majority of the Interview Questions related to Manual Testing are also covered.

A section also provides Software Testing related Software Testing Templates.

Software Testing has gained a phenomenal importance in the recent years in the System Development Life Cycle. 

To paraphrase Feigenbaum [Feigenbaum, 1991], Quality is the ability of a system to meet user expectations. 

Software Testing

It is the process of testing the functionality and correctness of software by running it. Software testing is usually performed for one of two reasons: 

- Defect Detection 

- Reliability or Process of executing a computer program and comparing the actual behavior with the expected behavior.

Software Testing is not an activity to take up when the product is ready. Effective software testing begins with a proper plan from the user requirements stage itself. Software Testing is an integral, costly and time consuming activity in the software development life cycle.

In the software testing phase a application or product undergoes various types of software testing before it is shipped to the customer or end user.
There are about 50 types of software testing which are available. Software Testing has a different philosophy compared to other activities in the development life cycle.

Software Testing is not a technique for building quality systems; rather, it is a technique that is used because we recognize that we have failed to build a defect free system or application. 

Software Testing is a verification method that applies a predefined set of conditions for the purpose of finding defects. Software Testing is a process of executing a program with the intent of finding errors.

There may be many definitions of software testing and many which appeal to us from time to time, but its best to start by defining software testing and then move on depending on the needs.

As per IEEE 83a - Software Testing is the process of exercising or evaluating a system or system component by manual or automated means to verify that it satisfies specified requirements.

Software Testing Rules

- Perform the software Test early and test the software often.

- Integrate the application development and testing life cycles during software testing.

- Formalize a Software testing methodology; This will help test everything the same way and help with uniform results.

- Develop a comprehensive Software Test plan. It forms the basis for the Software Testing methodology.

- Use both static and dynamic testing during the software testing phase.

- Define the expected results early during software testing.

- Understand the business reason behind the application or software on which you are testing. You'll write a better test cases or scripts.

- Use multiple levels and types of testing (regression, systems, integration, stress and load) during the entire software testing cycle.

- Review and inspect the work.

- Don't let your developers check their own work during software testing. They will miss their own defects.