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Selenium Helper Utility

Selenium Helper is a web based utility developed in ASP to perform following tasks.

  • Copy file's from one location to another location.
  • Send selenium execution reports through email.
  • Compare two text files.
  • Execute SQL queries.
  • Create test run id, to save selenium test results.


Selenium Helper Utility URL : http://util-devexp:8080/helper/v5/index.html

Has following features

  • Test Suite by ID – Email -> Link for sending email reports by test run ID.
  • Execute Some SQL (Structured Query Language) -> Link for executing SQL queries.
  • Execute SQL commands from a file -> Link for executing .sql file.
  • Test Suite by Date –> Link to view results by Date.
  • Upload -> For copying file from one location to another.
  • Text File Compare -> To compare two text files.
  • Send Email Message -> To write and send email message.
  • Create runID file -> For creating runID depending on robot machine.


How to use the Helper in Selenium?
Open ASP Helper page from Selenium Script using open or openWindow command as below,




Then create a Selenium script to use particular feature on ASP Helper utility.


Results Handling in Selenium
Test Run Id :
Dynamically generated unique identification number which is used to store and retrieve test suite results from results database.

Steps to save test suite results in database:

  1. Create test run id for a test suite in the first test of every test suite.
  2. Create a log entry in individual test scripts for that test using test run id.
  3. Write log status as passed or failed at the end of every test script.
  4. Above Step 2 will generate run id for individual test script.

URL to save results into database and writing Log Entry: