Software Testing Process

One of the main Software Testing Process involved is the preparation of Test Plan.


The contents of a Test Plan would contain the following,

  • Purpose.
  • Scope.
  • References.
  • Resources Required.
    1. Roles and responsibilities
    2. Test Environment and Tools
  • Test Schedule.
  • Types of Testing involved.
  • Entry/Exit criteria.
  • Defect Tracking.
  • Issues/Risks/Assumptions/Mitigation's.
  • Deviations.

Please refer the Software Test Templates area for a Test Plan Template.

Process involved in Test Case Design:

  1. Review of requirements.
  2. comments for the requirements.
  3. Fix the review comments.
  4. Baseline the requirements document.
  5. Prepare test cases with respect to the baselined requirements documents.
  6. Send the test cases for review.
  7. Fix the comments for the test cases.
  8. Baseline the test case document.
  9. If there are any updates in the requirements, Update the requirements document.
  10. Send the updated requirements document for review.
  11. Fix any comments, if received.
  12. Baseline the requirements document.
  13. Update the test case document with respect to the latest baselined requirements document.

Please refer the Software Test Templates area for a Test Case Template.

Traceability matrix:

Traceability matrix is a matrix which associates the requirements to its work products,Test cases. This can also be used to associate the Use case to the Requirements.
The advantage of traceability is to ensure the completeness of requirements.
Every Test case should associate to a requirement and Every Requirement has one or more associated test cases.


Testing Review - Dos and Dont's


  • Be open to feedback.
  • Observe the review process.
  • Don’t get discouraged by review feedback – They are constructive.
  • Do not defend yourself or the product that you produced - Remember that there is no product that is defect-free.


  • Review the Product not the Producer.
  • Do not accuse.
  • Do not resolve the issues.
  • Avoid discussions of styles - stick to technical correctness.