Software Testing Inputs, Process, Outputs

Testing IPO (Inputs, Process and Outputs)


  • Plan - Scope, Schedule
  • Data - Clean, Base lined, Initial, To be transacted, Sufficient, protected.
  • Environment - Hardware, OS as close to real world, Web Servers, Browers, Display settings, Drivers, Option packs/service packs/fixes.
  • Test Cases - Unique ID, Description, Expected results, Exit Criteria.


  • Verify whether the Work Product is taken from the appropriate work area for testing.
  • Verify if the test cases are reviewed and approved.
  • Verify that you are working in the test environment (Not Development Environment).
  • Execute the Work Product.
  • Apply test scenarios.
  • Observe actual results and behavior.
  • Record the actual results and observations.


  • Test Results - Actual results Vs Expected results.
  • Defects Log - Priority, Severity, Symptoms, Description, Date detected.
  • Test Report - Summary of testing done, GO/No-Go recommendations, Phase/iterations, Date.