Bug Life Cycle

Some terminologies in the Defect / Bug life cycle.


Product is still not yet released in the market. Found before production.



Product is released in the market. Found after production.

Bug Life Cycle

Defect States:

-Reject (Works as per Requirements, wont fix, works for me)


Defect Content:

Defect heading: IE Error. “Error Loading https://localhost:10000/index.cgi Connection refused”
Hardware Used:
Software version:
Environmental parameters:
Failed Test case ID:
Failed Requirement Id:
Occurrence: Repeatable/Random
Steps to Reproduce the Problem:
Expected Result: IE login page should be displayed.
Actual Result: Error is displayed. “Error Loading https://localhost:10000/index.cgi Connection refused”
Screenshots if any:
Log files if any:
Time stamp for crash defects:
Phase originated in
Phase found in



Severity refers to the level of impact, the defect has created on the users. This is set by the tester. Below are some of the common types.
Unacceptable Risk/Blocker: Crash or A risk to the patient/user, operator, service personnel, etc. Creates a Safety Risk
Design NC/Critical: Non-conformance to design input (product specification)
Improvement Opportunity: Observations that do not represent a Design Defect or belong to any of the previous classes
- Enhancements
- Productivity Opportunities

However this varies from company to company.



Priority refers to the "Urgency" with which the incident has to be fixed. This is set by the lead.
In most of the cases a critical incident can be of high priority.


Defect example for each severity:

Unacceptable Risk - In a patient monitoring system if the Product /application Crashes, Incorrect parameter value (ex. Instead of 60 Heart Rate 80 Heart Rate is displayed)
Design NC - Patient information not displayed under User Information.
Minor Issue - IP address textbox should be grayed out when DHCP is selected
Improvement Opportunity - Some cosmetic defect which is negligible. ex. when a sub-menu is opened the borders of the sub-menu is cut off. or Documentation Issue.


What to do when a defect is not reproducible:

1. Test on another setup.
2. Take pictures and video the first time the defect occurs.
3. Save and Attach the Log file.

Please refer the Software Test Templates area for a Defect/Bug Report Template.