Deriving the Test Cases for Installation Tests

Installation testing needs to verify that the target-of-test can be installed under all possible installation scenarios. Installation scenarios ma include installing the target-of-test for the first time or installing the newer version or build of the target-of-test (onto a machine containing the older version). Install testing should also ensure that the target-of-test performs acceptably when abnormal conditions are encountered, such as insufficient disk space.

The Test Cases should cover installation scenarios for the software including:

>> Distribution media, for example, diskettes, CD-Rom or file server.
>> New installation.
>> Complete installation.
>> Custom installations.
>> Upgrade installations.

Installation program for client-server software have a specialized set of test cases. Unlike host-based systems, the installation program is typically divided between the server and the client. Therefore, it is important that installation testing perform the installation of all components of the target-of-test, including the client, middle tiers and servers.