Selenium Core

Advantages of Selenium Core

  • Run No. Of test scripts at a time or we can run individual Test scripts.
  • It shows the result of every command and test in terms of Passed or Failed.
  • Easy to debug the failed test Scripts
  • It allows to run tests in different browsers Ex: Fire Fox, I.E..

    Creating Core Tests

  • Use Selenium IDE to create all your tests.
  • Modify the scripts where ever required as you cannot always depend on scripts generated by IDE.
  • Separate data from test and keep them in separate file.
  • Add code to read data and environment parameters.
  • Save test as .html file.

    Creating Test Suite
    Add all the created tests to your test suite.

         <td><a href=“CreateEntity.html">Create Entity</a>

         <td><a href="testWorkflow.html">Verifying Default Workflow </a>

    Steps for Running Selenium Test Suite

    1. Path to Invoke the Test Runner
    2. Path of the TestSuite.html

    Selenium Core Execution Modes

    1. Step
    2. Pause/Continue
    3. Run the Selected Test
    4. Run All Tests

    Overview Of Execution Modes

    • Run All Tests: Run every test in the test suite.
    • Run Selected Test: Click on one test in the test suite, then click here to run just that one test.
    • Pause/Continue: While a test is running, press the Pause button to temporarily stop running commands. After you press Pause, you can press Continue to resume the test.
    • Step: Click on a test in the test suite, then click on just one line of the test to set a "breakpoint." When the Test Runner reaches a breakpoint, it will automatically pause execution on that line. You may then press the Step button to run the next line of the test and pause again. You can also click on a breakpoint line to remove the breakpoint.

    Selenium Chrome TestRunner

    • Use the following URL to invoke:
    • Reads the TestSuite.html
    • The test suite is specified in the &test=… part of the url string. Change this to point to your testsuite.html file.
    • Nothing else needs to be changed.
    • Executes test cases listed in this file
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